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This is my home page


Some (old) information is available at page.

Wild orchids

My preferred hobby is to go in the countryside or in the mountains to find and to take photos of wild orchids.

It' very surprising to know that in Italy there are a lot of different species of wild orchids, of many different colors, living in a lot of different environments.

I started to search them thanks to my friend Giorgio, who has a lot of experience and is very good at taking photos.

Some past trips to find wild orchids:

  • April 2007: [Valsavarance2007|Valsavarance (Valle d'Aosta)]
  • April 2007: [SardegnaOrchidee2007|Sardegna (Sorgono e Meana)]
  • July 2006: [Moncenisio2006|Moncenisio (Piemonte)]